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50 Unique Fantasy Egg Designs that'll Make the Easter Bunny Proud!
all in 16x16px.  perfect for your small, cute games.

  • you may use in your personal/non-commercial
    and commercial projects.
  • you may modify the assets files but you may not resell or redistribute in any manner, any part of the pack even if modified.
  • Attribution/Crediting is optional but is very much appreciated. I'd be very happy to be shared a link of your project in which it was used  :D
StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorAtelier Pixerelia
GenreRole Playing
Tags16x16, assets, eggs, Fantasy, Farming, free, Icons, items, Pixel Art


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wow! these game icon assets you’ve made are amazing! they’re all the correct art style for the Mobile RPG I’m making right now too. I’ll def be sending you a link to the game once I release the Pre-release Early-Access version to the Google Play Store for sure since I’ll most definitely be using your pixel art icons in my game project. the name of my game project is “Mystic Artificer” and to start out, it’ll only be available for Android phones (not tablets…) but I do have plans to port it to Windows PC shortly after it hits the Google Play Store as its Fully Released version.

as for these Fantasy Eggs icons, I have plans for using them in the “Familiars” system I’m currently in the middle of programming (at this very moment I have the code open in Godot Engine on 1 of my other monitors lolz) and the player has a chance of finding a “Monster Egg” as a monster drop and they’ll hatch into a baby form of a Familiar. (Think Monster Rancher type games combined with Pokemon battle and Level up/Evolution systems)


Yet you probably didn't send any money when you downloaded the assets, am I right?

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actually I did. I paid for this asset. that was a long ways back… 247 days ago to be specific… paid $2.00 USD according to my payment records. please don’t make rude comments like that… not very cool to do that to a complete stranger…


Well you said it so it must be true

a follow-up on this @pixerelia, I managed to get some new (and pretty steady) sources of funding setup so I’ll deffo be buying more of your icons for my game/app/website projects since I’m a huge fan of your art style! I’m keeping an eye out for icon packs you publish that will fit my current design tasks and I’ll be sure to buy said icons whenever I see a pack that is related to the project I’m on. at the moment I’m good on icons but I’ll probly need something related to weapons/armor or special currencies in the near future.

Nice, 3 stars.