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Hi, is crop cycle included in this pack?

Do I also get the avatar? 😂

Thank you, these are well worth the money.. I did make my own 8x8 crops as a base to start from but mine look shoddy so these will be used as they look pretty epic in comparison.

I really like your style. Could you still have the opportunity to produce more pixel paintings about food ingredients? I will be looking forward to being surprised!

Love your style! Just brought both packs. Will you be making any UI elements in the future? Can't wait for your next creation. Keep up the great work!

awesome <3

thanks much for the support!


Can this one of yours be used for non-farming games ?

for throwing items

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very nice idea :D you may use them in any way you want for your game. have fun!

This is very, VERY much worth more than it's price. D: Its so awesome!  


thank you! I will be sure to make more :D


These are so cute and beautifully made! <3 Keep up the amazing work! :D

Thanks much for the support! glad you like them. Cheers!