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Thank you for your wonderful characters!

This is a great work, I am very happy with it. Using this asset I have created a 2D-Shmup.

I am very thankful to you for sharing these assets with us!

Hello, your asset are really wonderful and well detail.
I do not know if you still open for commission but I send you a friend request using the discord ID you put on your description. My username is the same as here.

Thanks and keep it up, it's really nice!

Love your characters! But i would also love if you could add character base to the pack

hello, is it AAP-64 palette too?

hi, yes this is AAP-64 palette.

Very cute and very personality!

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These characters are so nice! Can't wait to see the UI, portraits and animals

Wow you just pump these out so quickly. Love your stuff as always!!

Nice, 4 stars.

This is amazing!!!!

My goodness these are so cute!!!