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Sincerely, I got a bit disappointed. It's 16x16 yes, but the image really it's on 14x14... It's not really useful for me, but it's a cool pack indeed.

These look really beautiful! You mangaed to pack a lot of variety into these 16x16 spell and buff icons! Love the visual style as well!

Cheers from a fellow pixel artist!

Great icons <3 Is it possible to get the pay with card option?


really love this!

Change the default price to 2.50 man the 2.00 default is kinda cheap trick

I'm sorry, I don't know why my PayPal couldn't make the payment to purchase your product

Hello, I really liked your assets and used them to create a small game, you can find it here.

Amazing! thank you for supporting the pack. your game is really fun to play! Cheers!

Used these in my first ever game, great assets!

Accreditation here:

Brilliant! i enjoyed playing the game! thanks for the support on my packs too. 

I made a (mostly complete) game with your assets and though I'd share it. This is my first game so it's may bug a little. This is a opera.gx game only right now so it's also gonna lag.


Awesome work mate!! Liked it a lot

Thanks for sharing! 

Thanks for sharing, looks lovevly and really well made!

Hello, you draw the skill icon is very good, please ask if you can draw some more skill icons for sale, skill icons are a little less, can you draw some skill icons for the warrior, mage, archer and other professions, thank you very much.

Very elegant and distinctive! Awesome

This is amazing, what is the color pallete? 

hi, thank you! I used AAP-64 palette.

Thank you ^^

Deleted 1 year ago

looking good, I like the battle mode. thanks for using my packs. Cheers to your game! would love to be part of it :D

love the character art, where did you get the asset for the girls? did you make it or buy it? if you bought it, could you link it to me?

Trade secrets

Nice, 4 stars.

awesome!i like it!


Thank you for downloading! please enjoy!

Hi, Thank you for share


you're welcome! thank you for downloading this pack :D